Memorial service for the victims of the Ustashas raid in 1942

Every year, on the eve of the feast of Dormition of the Mother of God, the clergy with the faithful of the church of the Holy Father Nicholas in Shid remember prayerfully the martyred fellow citizens in the raid of 1942 carried out by Croatian Ustashas together with German forces in the then occupied Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

In addition to the family members of the great Serbian painter Sava Sumanovic, numerous prominent families disappeared in Sid during the raid: the Maukovics, the Tubics, the Mirkovics, the Grcics, the Plejas, the Kojickis, the Piromanskis ... May the Merciful Lord grant them the Kingdom of Heaven and eternal remembrance. Amen.

The Holy Liturgy was celebrated by the parish priests of Sid, archpriest Milan Prsica nd  protopriest Zoran Ugresic.

Source: Diocese of Srem