Message of His Holiness IRINEJ, Serbian Patriarch

Today, Serbia leads one of the greatest battles in its history to save its soul and defend its Holy Land Kosovo and Metohija.

The momentous question is being resolved today in the Hague. Whatever the solution is going to be enacted, we must carry on our fight that with the negotiations we come to the most appropriate solution for Kosovo and Metohija, which will be acceptable to Serbs and Albanians, in order to live together in peace and prosperity and have a safe future.

Only with such a resolution, the exiled will be able to return to their centuries-old homes and renew burnt sanctuaries in Kosovo and Metohija.

Today is the  crucial day for a peaceful solution of one substantial issue and effort to preserve something which for centuries belonged to the Serbian people. We know, that we have to face with more hard days and that this trial is not the last one.

We call the Serbian people to remain gathered and unique and to contrubute in harmony to the efforts of our state in the peaceful defense of the holy land Kosovo and Metohija.

Brothers and sisters, we call you, today at 5:00pm, to come in the St. Sava Cathedral in Belgrade to a public prayer meeting for the desired peace and the positive solution of the final status of Kosovo and Metohija, the craddle of the Serbian people. If you are not from Belgrade, then join the PUBLIC PRAYER MEETING which is to be served in all cathedral churches of our cities, as well at 05:00pm. 

Greets you all and bless your humble prayer book before the Lord

Serbian Patriarch IRINEJ

Belgrade, July 22, 2010