Metrolitan Porfirije: Let us crucify our logic with Christ

On the eleventh week after Pentecost, 10/23. August 2020, His Eminence Porfirije, Metropolitan of Zagreb and Ljubljana, celebrated the Divine Liturgy in the Zagreb Cathedral of the Transfiguration.

-The Gospel is the word of God addressed to each of us individually. It tells us what is in accordance with our purpose. Every time we act contrary to the words of the Gospel, we act contrary to ourselves. The Gospel should not be used to exalt ourselves or to judge and judge others. Like the servant in the today’s Gospel reading, we forget the good deeds of others that have been done to us, and consequently, we ourselves are often ruthless towards others. We have framed others in pictures of our imagined demands and expect them to be flawless righteous, the Metropolitan said.

-The greatest darkness is selfishness, egoism, ambition, as well as the thought that we are more important than others. Contrary to it, the Gospel calls us to self-denial and obedience. The latter manifests itself when we do something that is not in accordance with our logic, when we crucify our own logic. You are constantly working on changes in yourself. It is necessary to give space from the inside to God's grace to act first in us, and then it will act from us, around us, Metropolitan Porfirije pointed out.

Source: Metropolitanate of Zagreb-Ljubljana