Metropolitan Hrizostom visits the Archives of the Serbian Church

His Eminence Metropolitan Hrizostom of Dabar-Bosnia visited new premises of the Archives of the Serbian Church which was adapted during 2019 in the building of the Saint Sava’s House in Zemun.

For the management and staff of the Archives of the Serbian Orthodox Church, the visit of Metropolitan Hrizostom was a great joy and a real spiritual strengthening. As the current regular member of the Holy Synod of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church, but also as a member of several previous convocations, the Metropolitan is very well acquainted with all the efforts to finally place archival material of church-administrative origin inadequate space and gain archival and scientific research dignity, as they deserve.

In a cordial conversation with the director of the Archives of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Dr. Radovan Pilipovic, Metropolitan Hrizostom was additionally acquainted with the results related to the adaptation of the depot for storing archives, the number of archives and collections, while his special attention was aroused by the work of the Laboratory for conservation and restoration of papers which function since April 2019within the Archives of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Zemun and which was formed thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information and the Office for Cooperation with Churches and Religious Communities of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia. The Metropolitan had the opportunity to get acquainted on the spot with the work process, technical and chemical interventions on the damaged material that needs conservation and restoration treatment.

All efforts to finally resolve the issue of protection, preservation and work with archival material related to Church have been accelerated thanks to the platform "New directions of church archival science and librarianship" formulated finally in mid-June 2013 in Bihac novi_pravciu_crkvenom_bibliotekarstvu_arhivistici, at the time when Metropolitan Hrizostom took over the duty of the diocesan hierarch of the Diocese of Zvornik-Tuzla, but he was still administrating the Diocese of Bihac-Petrovac.