Metropolitan Porfirije received by Croatian Prime Minister Plenkovic

Serbian Orthodox Metropolitan Porfirije of Zagreb-Ljubljana visited the President of the Government of Republic of Croatia Mr. Andrej Plenkovic at Banski Dvori in Zagreb on 18 March 2019.

Prime Minister Plenkovic and Metropolitan Porfirije expressed a desire to continue dialogue and partnership between representatives of the Government and State institutions with representatives of Churches and religious communities in Croatia.

Metropolitan Porfirije advocated a joint action in solving some important issues of the faithful of the Serbian Orthodox Church and the Serbian national minority. Prime Minister Plenkovic emphasized that Croatian Government has been working towards strengthening the protection of rights of all national minorities, including a greater financial instalment into economic development and solving issues that had been postponed for years.

The meeting was attended by Minister of Internal Affairs Mr. Davor Bozinovic.