Monastery in Evia evacuated due to fire break out

Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Chalkis spoke to OPEN TV station about the evacuation of the Holy Monastery of Panagia Makrymallis due to the big fire in the area of Agrilitsa, between Kontodespoti and Makrymalli villages.  The Metropolitan said that the fire was reported at around 3.30 am, that the monks are safe and that the Monastery is not currently in danger. “The Monastery has been evacuated for precautionary reasons. There are three Monks there who notified us at dawn, around 3.30 am to 4am”, explained Metropolitan of Chalkis.

The Metropolitan added: “We have spoken with the Abbot and the Mayor of the area, and with the Chief Priest of the district; the Monks are safe and it seems that the Monastery is not in danger at the moment. However, as you said, and according to information of mine, the fire is uncontrollable because of the winds in the area”.