Moscow clergy donate ophthalmological tomograph to Church hospital in honor of Patriarch’s birthday

The Russian Orthodox Church’s St. Alexei Hospital recently received a new ophthalmological tomorgraphy scanner to be used in its new surgical ophthalmology center.

The top-of-the-line medical equipment was purchased with funds raised by Moscow clergy in lieu of flowers for His Holiness Patriarch Kirill’s birthday, the Synodal Department for Relations of the Church With Society and the Media reported on Monday, according to RIA-Novosti.

His Holiness turned 73 on November 20. According to his tradition of the past few years, the Patriarch asked clergy and parishes to transfer funds for the purchase of necessary hospital equipment instead of giving him flowers.

The new tomograph will be used in the surgical ophthalmology department’s more than 500 free surgeries a year.

“On behalf of all the hospital staff, I sincerely thank his Holiness the Patriarch and all the Moscow clergy for the decision to donate very important diagnostic equipment to the hospital. We are very grateful and touched by such care,” said Alexei Zarov, Director and chief physician of the Church Hospital of St. Alexei.

An ophthalmological tomograph is used in optical coherence tomography—a modern diagnostic method of research, which allows you to get an image of all layers of the retina, the choroid, and the pigment epithelium of the retina. During scanning, the doctor detects changes directly inside the membranes of the eye, which cannot be seen during examination: hidden swelling, hemorrhages, scars, inflammatory foci.

The donated Japanese-made device is one of the newest models.

The Central Clinical Hospital of St. Alexis Metropolitan of Moscow is a multidisciplinary medical institution for 280 people. It is the largest medical institution of the Russian Orthodox Church and treats people from all regions of Russia, regardless of their religious affiliation. All patients are examined and treated free of charge.

In November 2016, special equipment for keeping and supplying medical oxygen was purchased with funds donated for the Patriarch’s birthday, in May 2018, a specially-equipped ambulance was purchased with money donated for the anniversary of Pat. Kirill’s enthronement, in June, new equipment for blood filtration was purchased with funds donated in lieu of flowers on Pascha, and in May of this year, the hospital opened a state-of-the-art pathomorphological laboratory with funds raised for Nativity.