Moscow Kremlin launches tours to sites of lost monasteries

A new guided tour has appeared at the Moscow Kremlin for tourists from different countries. According to its organizers, it will be interesting for both students and adults.

The new tour’s itinerary passes through the New Kremlin Public Garden where in the fourteenth century centers of religious life were established in Muscovite Rus’: the Chudov Monastery and the Ascension Convent. Then the residence of the Russian emperors appeared on that spot—the Small Nikolaevsky Palace, the press service of the Moscow Kremlin Museums reported.

The architectural ensembles were destroyed in the Soviet era. However, the monasteries were immortalized in engravings, and the ancient designs. Their images are also present in paintings of that time.

Archaeological excavations have helped to recreate the look of the ruined buildings. In particular, visitors will be able to see segments of the ruined buildings’ foundations.

The guides’ narrative will be supplemented with video materials which recreate the architectural appearance of the Moscow Kremlin of past centuries.

In October 2016 Press Secretary of the Russian Federation’s President Dmitry Peskov said that reconstruction of these monasteries on the site of the dismantled administrative building is still not on the agenda.

Source: OCP