Neo-nazi threats to Serbs and Jews in Croatia

Неонацистичке претње Србима и Јеврејијма у Хрватској, Сплит 15.1.2008.Today on the 15th of January 2008 in the late afternoon hours, church community in Split has received a letter full of national hatred and with neo-nazi threats in which it is claimed that Serbs and Jews in Croatia will and sholud be slaughtered and butchered.In this appaling letter fascism and ustashi; Ante Pavelic and «holy» concentration camps of Jasenovac and Stara Gradiska are praised; it is also full of awful menaces such as «Serbs to be butchered», «Juden raus» and some such.

Besides, it is said in this petrifying note that Serbs in Croatia should be exterminated; and death theretas are even send to the president of Croatia Stjepan Mesic.

The police has been informed about this case and the investigation is ongoing.

From the Office of the Diocese of Dalmatia, Sibenik, the 15th of Jan 2008