New Year

Нова годинаNew Year is the day when begins the next calendar and date cycle in countries which use the solar and similar calendars and it marks the first day of the next year.

Nowadays, most countries use the Gregorian calendar and the beginning of the new year is celebrated on January 1. Celebrating New Year in Serbia, or Yugoslavia, became particularly significant  after the end of the Second World War when the attempted extermination of the importance that a large part of the Christian population from this region attached to the celebration of Christmas, so that the attention was then focused on then the less celebrated and unpopular calendar "New Year". In this way on the one hand was avoided a manifestation of the religious division because of the calendars of the citizens of different religious backgrounds, but on the other hand,  a general hostile atmosphere was unfairly created  towards those who decided to continue the tradition of celebrating Christmass.

The celebration of New Year on the day that is in the Gregorian calendar marked as January 1 has not always been present; namely most cultures celebrated the beginning of New Year in spring or autumn, before today's custom was settled.

Church New Year is celebrated on September 14 as the day of the beginning of the liturgical cycle.