Nis: Library „Elder Nikanor of Chilandar“ opens

With the blessing of His Grace Bishop Arsenije of Nis a library "Elder Nikanor of Chilandar" opened at the parish house of the church of the Resurrection of Christ within the Chilandar's metochion in Nis, on 4 March 2021.

His Grace Bishop consecrated the premises of the Library with the concelebration of archpriest Miodrag Pavlovic, Diocesan dean of Nis I, and deacon Djordje Filipovic with archpriest Dejan Krstic, professor of the Seminary of Sts. Cyril and Methodius, who sang responses. 

-The library is called Elder Nikanor of Chilandar, who renovated the Chilandar metochion in Nis, and the date when he reposed in the Lord 31 years ago was chosen as the date of the opening ceremony, archpriest Boban Stojkovic told to Radio Glas.

The brotherhood of the church, under the leadership of the head of the church and the manager of the Library, archpriest Boban Stojkovic, began with the formation of the library during the emergency situation declared in 2020 due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic. In eleven months, several thousand books were collected, from which over three thousand titles were selected, which topics suit the parish library.

Great help in the formation of this library was provided by the management and librarians of the National Library Stevan Sremac in Nis, who professionally arranged the complete library material. Matica Srpska, the National Library of Serbia, the Library of the City of Belgrade and the Sluzbeni Glasnik, as well as the Center for Church Studies, the Center for Byzantine-Slavic Studies of the University of Nis and the International Center for Orthodox Studies helped to establish the library by donating a significant number of books.

Source: Diocese of Nis, Radio Glas