MOBA 2012

With God's help also this year socializing of the Serbian youth from abroad will be held. Moba 2012 is an action of the Serbian Orthodox Church (Diocese of Sabac) intended for the Serbian high school and student youth from the country and diaspora mainly to get to know the religion, the language and the history of the Serbian people. The programme of the stay of the Moba participants has a goal that young people get together and get to know cultural and historical heritage of the country and the people they originate from.

MOBA is for the 12th time held in the monastery of Saint Nikolai in Soko Grad near Ljubovija from July 19 until August 19. The departure is at 12 am in front of the Patriarchate in Belgrade. A person for contact is priest Zivorad Selenic, cell phone no. 063/208-677.

Source: Diocese of Sabac