Metropolitan Porfirije: We have been making efforts to help people to settle down

  Metropolitan Porfirije of Zagreb and Ljubljana received, on the 8jh of January  2011, the aid of the City of Belgrade, which was sent to Petrinja, and informed the news agency Tanjug that it was necessary to support people who had lost their homes in the earthquake with accommodation.

He stated that more prefabricated houses were needed, because a large number of people had been left without homes in the earthquake. - There are many older people. They spend their nights in cars, and not only those whose homes were destroyed, but also those who had a possibility  where to sleep, but for fear of recurrences of earthquakes, they do not dare to spend the night in their homes, said Metropolitan Porfirije.

Press release regarding the statements of Bishop Grigorije

The faithful people and the public on general were in the previous festal days, otherwise tormented by the epidemic and the suffering of people and their property by the earthquake in the Banija region, additionally confused by some statements of Bishop Grogorije of Dusseldorf and Germany, which are exclusively of a political, even of a party character, and have nothing to do with the faith in Christ the Savior or with the mission of the Orthodox Church.

 The Holy Synod of Bishops feels obliged to inform in this matter all those who the relating political statements attribute to the Serbian Orthodox Church or bring them in any way in connection with her, that they are exclusively personal attitude and an engagement of an individual, done not in capacity of a hierarch of the believing People of God, but exclusively in capacity of a citizen.  To what an extent a political or a state-legal activity of bishops and clerics is allowed and blessed, the Church itself exclusively values and judges,   autonomously and independently, on the basis of her canonical order.

From the Office of the Holy Synod of Bishops
Serbian Orthodox Church 

On third day of Christmas Bishop Jovan celebrated the Liturgy in the church at Aerodrom

His Grace Bishop Jovan of Sumadija and the Administrator of Belgrade-Karlovci celebrated the Holy Hierarchal Liturgy in the church of Saint Sava in Aerodrom, Kragujevac on 9 January 2021, on the feast day of Holy Stephen the Archdeacon.

The Bishop was concelebrated by protopresbyter-staurophors Zoran Krstic, Rajko Stefanovic and Milan Borota, protonamesnik Branislav Matic, hierodeacon Vasilije (Starovlah) and Jovan (Prokin) and deacon Aleksandar Djordjevic, readers subdeacon Milos Kocic and students of theology Vasilije Tesi i Dimitrije Jakovljevic.

Feast day of Saint Stephen the Archdeacon in Sarajevo

His Eminence Metropolitan Hrizostom of Dabar-Bosnia and the Locum Tenens of the Throne of the Serbian Patriarchs officiated the Holy Hierarchal Liturgy in Cathedral church in Sarajevo on 9 January 2021, on the feast day of Holy Archdeacon and the First Martyr Stephen. 

The Metropolitan was concelebrated by protopresbyter-staurophors Cedo Djureinovic and Vladimir Stupar; archpriests Bosko Tosovic and Velimir Divljanovic, protonamesnik Bojan Zekic, presbyters Darko Danilovic, and Bozidar Tanovic, chief Саслуживали су протојереји-ставрофори Чедо Ђуреиновић и Владимир Ступар; протојереји Бошко Тошовић и Велимир Дивљановић, протонамесник Бојан Зекић, јереји Дарко Даниловић, и Божидар Тановић, chief military chaplain archpriest Milorad Milinkovic and deacon Budimir Gardovic.

Patron Saint-day and Day of Republika Srpska

The feast day of Holy First Martyr and Archdeacon Stephen, the Patron Saint-day of Republika Srpska, was marked with the Holy Hierarchal Liturgy which was celebrated by His Grace Bishop Jefrem of Banja Luka in the Cathedral church of Christ the Saviour in Banja Luka.

- It is difficult to choose a better heavenly protector of Republika Srpska than Saint Stephen the Archdeacon, who preached the truth, suffered for the truth and in the end won, said Bishop Jefrem.