Bishop Justin and Maxim celebrated in Saint Sava church in Kraljevo

On Sunday, February 7, 2021, the liturgical community gathered around our pastor, Bishop Justin of Zica had a great joy, when the liturgical celebration was enhanced by presence of His Grace Bishop Maxim (Vasiljevic) of Los Angeles and West America.

On this day, the Holy Church remembers the great benefactor of God, Saint Gregory the Theologian. On the day when it is said about his patrological work on clarifying the mysteries of God, Bishop Maksim delivered a concise and meaningful sermon as an expert in the science of the Holy Fathers. Guided by the reading of the Gospel, Bishop Maxim referred to timelessness in time, because the service of the Liturgy, the presence at it, represents a way out of a time where the multitude of counting clocks turns into one today and now.

Hierarchal Liturgy in Trebinje

Bishop Jovan of Slavonia officiated the Divine Liturgy with the concelebration of Bishop Dimitrije of Zahumlye-Herzegovina with the clergy of the Local Church and in the presence of the faithful of Trebinje in the Cathedral church of Trebinje on 7 February 2021.

On this Sunday commemoration of the Resurrection of Christ and the annual commemoration of Gregory the Theologian, the holy archbishop of the Church, the Church of Christ ordained the parish priest of Trebinje, Miroslav Ratkovic, to the rank of archpriest.

Bishop Heruvim served in the Holy Dormition Monastery

On the day of St. Gregory and the Venerable Publius, February 7, 2021, His Grace Bishop Heruvim of Osek-Polje and Baranja served the Holy Hierarchal Liturgy in the monastery of the Holy Protection of the Most Holy Mother of God in Dalj Planina.

Archimandrite Miron (Vucicevic), the abbot of the monastery, retired archpriest-staurophor Jovan Klajic and deacon Vojislav Nikolic served together. After the Holy Liturgy, Bishop Cherubim held a sermon.

Patronal Celebration of Saint Sava in Los Angeles, California

The Liturgical Synaxis was presided by our Bishop Maxim, with the concelebration of Fr. Jovan Katanic, diocesan Deacon Vladan Radovanovic, sub-deacon Jovan Miskovic, and the local priest Fr. Predrag Bojovic.

In Saint Sava Serbian Orthodox Parish of Los Angeles, created through equal to the apostolic efforts of Saint Sebastian Dabovic in 1909, this year’s celebration of their patron, and the one who, for centuries, has been teaching and inspiring Serbs all around the globe how to remain on “the path that leads to Life” (according to his Troparion), was quite different than in years past, due to the worldwide Pandemic, and local State regulations.

For Sarah's happier childhood

Sarah's operation at the Texas Children's Hospital in Houston requires 244,311 US dollars. We invite all people who are able with their payment to help raise the necessary amount of money as soon as possible.

Sara's father Danilo Nikolic is a doctor and a graduated theologian. He is a man who has helped many in life, and now it is our turn to help him in great trouble. Sara was born as a healthy child after a properly maintained first pregnancy. When she was three months old, he had her first epileptic seizure and after a detailed examination, doctors diagnosed her with "Tuberous Sclerosis" (TSC), which was molecular genetic analysis of Sara's blood sample and definitely confirmed in a laboratory in Spain.

Hierarchal Liturgy in Djurdjevi Stupovi Monastery

On the feast of the Holy Apostle Timothy and the Holy Martyr Anastasia, on February 4, 2021, His Grace Bishop Joanikije of Budimlye-Niksic and the administrator of the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral celebrated the Holy Liturgy in the monastery of Djurdjevi Stupovi in Berane.