Proclamation of Archimandrite Justin (Jeremic) for Bishop of Hvosno

His Holiness Porfirije, Serbian Patriarch officiated the solemn rite of the proclamation of High Venerable Archimandrite Justin (Jeremic) for Bishop of Hvosno at the old Cathedral Church of Saint Michael the Archangel in Belgrade on 11 September 2021.  (photo gallery).

In addition to the Primate of the Serbian Orthodox Church, the following took part in the act of proclamation: His Beatitude Jovan, Archbishop of Ohrid and the Metropolitan of Skopje,  and Their Graces Bishops: Dositej of Britain-Scandinavia, Pahomije of Vranje, Jovan of Sumadija, Fotije of Zvornik-Tuzla, Atanasije of Milesevo, Arsenije of Nis, Nikodim of Dalmatia, Heruvim of Osek-Polje and Baranja, Isihije of Valjevo, Antonije of Moravica, Stefan of Remesiana, Jerotej of Toplica, David of Stobi and retired Georgije of Canada.

80 years since the creation of the Jasenovac camp system, the most monstrous death factory in Europe

President Vucic: The memory of the Serbian name and surname will not be erased. Bishop Jovan: Our attitude towards Jasenovac is determined by the words of Patriarch German: We must forgive,  but we must not forget. Patriarch Porfirije: We heal our wounds through prayerful memory. We pray for all people and that Jasenovac never happens again to anyone, anywhere.

On the occasion of 80th anniversary since  the founding of the system of concentration camps in Jasenovac, His Holiness Porfirije, Serbian Patriarch received the President of the Republic of Serbia Mr. Aleksandar Vucic, His Grace Bishop Jovan of Slavonia and Director of the Museum of the victims of the genocide Dejan Ristic, PhD.

Consecration of Archimandrite Justin for Bishop of Hvosno

At the regular session held in Belgrade from May 24 to 29, 2021, the Holy Assembly of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church elected Archimandrite Justin (Jeremic) as the vicar of the Serbian Patriarch, with the title of Bishop of Hvosno.

Archimandrite Justin was born on June 22, 1982 in Ruma to father Milos and mother Olga. He finished primary school in his hometown, from where, with the blessing of the Bishop Vasilije of Srem enrolled in the Theological Seminary of St. Arsenije Sremac in Sremski Karlovci.

The Patriarch congratulated the holiday to members of the Jewish community in Serbia

His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Porfirije sent a greeting to the Chief Rabbi of the Jewish Community of Serbia, Mr. Isaac Asiel; President of the Association of Jewish Communities of Serbia, Mr. Robert Sabados and all members of the Jewish community in Serbia. 

We cordially congratulate you on the feast of Rosh Hashanah with the wish that the words of God, addressed through the prophet Moses who we respect together, and with which he says: Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, In the seventh month, on the first day of the month, shall ye have a sabbath, a memorial of blowing of trumpets, a holy convocation, light up souls with heavenly light and give a blessed beginning of the New Year.

Serbian Patriarch receives Ambassador of Greece to Serbia

His Holiness Porfirije, Serbian Patriarch, received His Excellency Georgios Diakofotakis, Ambassador of the Republic of Greece to the Republic of Serbia, at the Serbian Patriarchate on 7 September 2021. 

In a cordial and friendly conversation, Serbian Patriarch Porfirije emphasized that the Serbian Orthodox Church remembers with gratitude the fraternal solidarity and wholehearted help of the Greek people in difficult moments for the Serbian people. - Now, when the Hellenic Republic, in addition to the pandemic, is also facing the massive fires, the Serbian Orthodox Church will, in accordance with the possibilities, come to the aid of the sister Greek Orthodox Church and the fraternal Greek people, Patriarch Porfirije pointed out.

Patriarch Porfirije meets with President of Serbia

Today I received Mr. Aleksandar Vucic, President of the Republic of Serbia, at the Patriarchal residence.  We talked about the participation of the state in the completion of the Saint Sava Cathedral church and other important projects in which the Serbian Orthodox Church, together with all traditional churches and religious communities, cooperates with the state for the benefit of all citizens.