Oraovica (Municipality of Preševo, Southern Serbia): Albanian Terrorists Vandalize, Desecrate Church of St. George Dating Back t

OraovicaEven though, in this year's Nativity Encyclical, the Serbian Orthodox Church had called upon all people to live in peace and to avoid conflict, this hasn't been sufficient for the Albanian terrorists in Southern Serbia. On the contrary, they committed a serious crime against the Serbian people and their spiritual and cultural heritage by desecrating the Church of St. George in Oraovica, on the most joyful Christian holiday - the Birth of Christ, just like innumerous times before. They forced the metal blinds and violated the church by entering it through one of the windows, after they had extirpated the church's cross, which had been embodied into the concrete of the roof, since no other roof covering could resist the Albanian vandals. What made them do this just on Christmas Day? It was their way of demonstrating their rude violence against the church dating back to the 14th century, for in the village of Oraovci (which once had a Serb majority) there is not a single Serb left since 1966. The Serbs have been expelled by Albanian extremists, who then desecrated and destroyed all Serbian graves in Oraovica, leaving not a single tombstone or monument in its place or intact.

Archbishop's health critical, stable


Ailing Archbishop Christodoulos of Athens and All Greece continues to reject the advice of his doctors to be hospitalized in order to undergo medical tests and has chosen to remain at home, the archepiscopate announced on Friday. The archbishop's condition was described as stable but critical.

Ravni Кotari still without water and electricity


On the 12th of January 2008, His Grace, Bishop of Dalmatia Fotije, together with the brotherhood of monastery Krka and the parish priest of Ravni Kotari fr. Sasa Drca visited the region of Ravni Kotari.

Orthodox Christians face violence following contested Presidential Elections in Kenya

Kenija stradanje

The New Year began with tragedy for many people in Kenya as widespread violence erupted on December 27th in the wake of contested presidential elections between incumbent President, Mwai Kibaki, and challenger Raila Odinga.

“Serbian Cultural Heritage in Kosovo and Metohija’’ Exhibition

An exhibition entitled „Serbian Cultural Heritage in Kosovo and Metohija'' showing the agony of Orthodox monasteries in the Southern Serbian province during the post-war period was opened at the Gracanica Monastery on Christmas Day.

Serbian Prime Minister Vojslav Koštunica visits Patriarch Pavle

PavleSerbian Prime Minister Dr. Vojsalv Koštunica visited His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Pavle at the Military Medical Academy and extended wishes for His recovery.

Wishing His Holiness a Merry Christmas, Prime Minister Koštunica expressed the entire Serbian people' s concern about His health, and especially that of the Serbs living in Kosovo and Metohija.

The Prime Minister extended wishes for the Patriarch's recovery and that He may spiritually lead the Serbian people in the times to come. (Statment issued by the Prime Minister's Cabinet).

Source: www.rts.co.yu

(Photo: Archive of the Information Service of the Serbian Orthodox Church)

The Serbian Orthodox Church in Dalmatia (Croatia) Under Repeated Attack

SibenikIn the morning hours of January 3rd, 2008, the parish priest of Šibenik, rev. Milorad Djurdjević, discovered that the door of the Cathedral Church of the Assumption in Šibenik had been forced open. When he inspected the church and its premises, he noticed that two silver icon lamps were missing. He informed the competent Šibenik police authorities, who visited the scene. The investigation on this attack against the Orthodox Church is still under way.