New president of „Christian Solidarity“

New president of Christian Solidarity International human rights organization is electedOn 27 July 2020, Dr. John Eibner, former CEO of Christian Solidarity International human rights organization, was elected its new president.

Dr. John Eibner is notable for his activism and numerous speeches and publications in defence of persecuted Christians. Since 1990 he has been working for Christian Solidarity International, participating in all its key projects and visiting conflict zones.

Christian Solidarity NGO was founded in 1977; its headquarters is in Switzerland. The organization is committed to defending the rights of Christians, combating slavery and rendering information and material support to victims of religious repression. It became widely known thanks to its role in freeing enslaved people during the second Sudanese civil war (1983-2005). Through its appeals, petitions and publications in the mass media Christian Solidarity actively promotes in governmental circles of western countries ideas of defending the right to religious freedom. On a regular basis this NGO holds conferences and other events aimed at defending Christians in the Middle East and other regions, inviting for this purpose renowned experts and human rights activists. John Eibner regularly visits Iraq and Syria, meets with Christian leaders and publishes in leading western periodicals articles and expert commentaries on the plight of the Middle Eastern Christians.

For many years the Moscow Patriarchate’s Department for External Church Relations has been maintaining dialogue and cooperation with Christian Solidarity International in protecting Christians from persecution.

Source: Moscow Patriarchate