The Official Internet Presentation of the Serbian Orthodox Church Ranks Among the First 50 Best Domestic Internet Presentations


Just like in the previous years, the official Internet Presentation of the Serbian Orthodox Church ranked among the 50 best domestic internet presentations in 2007, according to the editor in chief of the PC magazine. The complete list was pulished in the 141. number of the February issue and can be seen at

Below is the full text on the web presentation of the Serbian Orthodox Church as it appeared in this important Serbian computer technology magazine:

""Last year, when we were longing for interesting stories on how to mark religious holidays on the presentation of the Serbian Orthodox Church, we couldn’t even imagine that this year a fundamentally different organisation with an unpretentiously marked archive of the old presentation would be waiting for us. We really have nothing to complain about, because already at first glance, the new presentation looks very attractive. With its tender byzantine colors, it is visually balanced and well organized, in a tryptich-like layout which brings up-to-date informations on church life and the activities of the church dignitaries, but also a great abundance of other informations linked to Serbian tradition and faith. Dinstinguished and balanced, and yet useful for all those who find the right paths within their faith" ." (PC Magazine, nr. 141, February 2008)