The official notice: The Orthodox Cathedral in Split attacked again

Сплит Just a couple of days after the letter with neo-nazi threats addressed to the Orthodox church community in Split, another violent attack occured this morning, on the 18th of January 2008, when it has been discovered that the doors and walls of the manse are full of neo-nazi and ustashi garfitti, such as: «Serbs to be butchered!» together with ustashi simbol of capital letter U with a sign of cross above it.

These disturbing events, which lately occur very frequently on the territory of the Dalmatian Diocese augur badly for the ominous time of the Second World War when a lot of people lost their lives only because of their nationality or faith.

However, it is of great concern, if there are such people, who so furiously attack Church, knowing that its mission is to preach Gospel and the values of evangelic love, which it does in the spirit od truth and peace.

If these vandals remain anonymous and unpanished, we are afraid that the whole situation might become more complicated and provoke even more sufferings. Believers of the Serbian Orthodox Church are constantly praying to God to put an end to this present agony; and that our Lord may soften the hearts of those vandals and preclude their hate towards the Serbian Orthodox Christians, as well as towards the Jews - the nation from which Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Most Holy Theotokos and all Holy Apostles originated.

Everyone who blasphems God and His sanctuaries is deprived of His blessings in this world as well as in the world that is to come. As for the matters of this world, Orthodox church community in Split, as well as, the Diocese appeal to state institutions in Croatia to protect their citizens – Orthodox Serbs, and citizens of other nationalities, so they might all live in peace and mutal understanding.

Info Service of Serbian Orthodox Eparchy of Dalmatia