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Romanian Orthodox Church and Ministry of Interior decided to distribute Holy Fire to faithful’s door

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Romania, in collaboration with the Romanian Orthodox Church, decided that the Holy Fire would be distributed to the faithful’s home on the night of the Resurrection, following a relevant agreement signed between the two parties. According to the announcements, priests, parish volunteers and police officers will distribute the Holy Fire tonight at 20:00.

Holy Week: an Explanation

Great Lent and Holy Week are two separate fasts, and two separate celebrations. Great Lent ends on Friday of the fifth week (the day before Lazarus Saturday). Holy Week begins immediately thereafter. Let's explore the meaning of each of the solemn days of Passion Week.

Metropolitan Amfilohije Detained in Podgorica

Metropolitan Amfilohije, the Serbian Orthodox Church’s top bishop in Montenegro, was detained by the country’s police for holding a prayer at the Zlatica monastery in the capital, Podgorica, on Sunday.

Media reported that Amfilohije was brought in by police with dozens of other priests and believers for violating the government’s ban on holding religious ceremonies during the COVID19 pandemic.

Statement of the ACOB-USA Executive Committee Concerning Holy Week and Pascha (Easter)

The Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America has issued the following statement concerning Holy Week and Pascha (Easter). Read the full text down below:

Archbishop of Mount Sinai: We have to be aware of measures and not be dissatisfied

“We have to be cautious, discrete, and obedient to our governors, who make efforts to ensure the safety of the citizens of their country. This situation will soon be over and, therefore, we will be able to attend the religious services,” Archbishop Damianos of Mount Sinai said in a letter he wrote ahead of Holy Week. In particular, he addressed the Greek Orthodox of the Archdiocese of Sinai and his spiritual children. He pointed out, “We have to be aware of the measures taken (against the coronavirus pandemic) and not be dissatisfied.” He also welcomed the initiatives taken by the Egyptian State for the security of the citizens and praised the Governor of the South Sinai, Khaled Fouda, for his efforts.