OrthoPrax, the ultimate Christian Orthodox calendar, prayer book, and guide

With the help of the best developers worldwide, we created the first mobile media app for Orthodox Christians. OrthoPrax—where Church comes to you!

Experience this pathway to Orthodoxy guided by the Saints through the Orthodox old and new calendars.

This app makes a perfect Christmas gift that will last much longer than any other one!

OrthoPrax® is the ultimate Christian Orthodox calendar, prayer book, and guide with 3,500+ curated icons, daily prayers, and readings to help you experience and enjoy the liturgical cycle of the Church.

The App on your mobile device is a very user-friendly “thesaurus” and the easiest way to access the day’s Bible readings prescribed by the typicon of the Church. The wealth of information (fasting rules, lectionary, tone of the week, hagiography, troparia, etc.) is organized in a systematic way, easy to read typeface, which can be enlarged.



Choose between the Julian and Gregorian calendars!


We like the fact that it is a simple, yet serious attempt to help users cultivate a life-long habit of prayer, fasting, and engaging in works of the Church.

Just as with quality health/exercise apps, this app is integral to the process of engaging in fundamental spiritual exercises that can radically transform us in our spiritual journey.

The app is revolutionary because it combines all tools, previously available in several separate applications, or books, into one. But at the same time, it is not overwhelming or difficult to navigate. When you open the app, you are greeted by an icon based on a theme you have chosen, with options ranging from Greek, Russian, Serbian, Arabic, Georgian to the bright and colorful Stamatesque — a nod to the contemporary iconographer Fr. Stamatis Skliris.

A sense of peace pervades as if hiding the treasure within. But with easy, intuitive navigation, you can quickly access the daily scriptures readings and lives of the saints — featuring thousands and thousands of icons and stories that inspire. For an additional fee, you can even access the lives narrated by Fr. Norman Kosanovich, allowing you to listen to the daily readings while driving to work, taking the subway, or jetting off into the sunset. It is like that daily multivitamin we need for spiritual nourishment which is only made complete when we physically attend the Divine services.

And best of all, in 2021 this app will send you notifications throughout the day for the morning, midday, evening, or late evening prayers!

OrthoPrax — where Church comes to You!

iOS and Android versions available

Source: www.sebastianpress.org