Over 1,400 New Testaments to be sent to Romanian soldiers abroad by Christmas

The Romanian Patriarchate will give away 1,410 copies of the New Testament with Psalms to the Romanian soldiers abroad.

The New Testaments will be distributed in the near future through the Religious Assistance Section of the Ministry of National Defence, Fr. Ciprian Ioniţă from the Social-Philanthropic Department of the Patriarchal Administration told the Basilica News Agency.

Most likely, the Romanian military in Afghanistan will receive the copies by Christmas.

Through the care of the Romanian Patriarchate, the inmates of the 45 penitentiaries in Romania will receive 135 copies of the New Testament with Psalms free of charge.

As part of the same project, the Orthodox Archdiocese of Bucharest will start distributing 955 New Testaments to the 37 chapels of the hospital units in the capital.

“These copies will be offered for the spiritual benefit of the patients who will be able to read the New Testament during hospitalization,” Fr. Ionuţ Iordăchescu, Social Counsellor at the Archdiocese of Bucharest, shared.

The A4 size New Testaments were printed by the Romanian Patriarchate’s Biblical Institute for Orthodox Mission.

The total of 2,500 copies were printed with the support of the Interfaith Bible Society in Romania.

Source: Basilica.ro