Patriarch Alexy blesses to raise funds for victims of humanitarian catastrophe in South Ossetia

Ruling bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church received a circular letter from Patriarch Alexy II to arrange fundraising for victims of humanitarian catastrophe in South Ossetia. "Recently accomplished military actions in South Ossetia forced thousands of people leave their homes. According to various sources, over thirty thousands of South Ossetian residents found temporary refuge in the Russian Federation," Alexy II's letter says as cited by the Moscow Patriarchate official website.

In this connection, the Primate charged the Department on church charity and social service of the Russian Orthodox Church to extend help to "refugees, deprived of the roof and subsistence, as there are many our compatriots among them."

The Department's officials worked out a plan of measures, including fundraising, to help the victims. The patriarch blessed and backed up this good undertaking.

Addressing Russian Church ruling bishops, the patriarch asked them to bless parishes and monasteries to participate in actions for the welfare of victims of military operations in Ossetia.

Patriarch Alexy blessed to open a special account for charities in Vneshprombank.

Source: Interfax