Patriarch Irinej in Metropolitanate of Libertville-Chicago

His Holiness Irinej Serbian Patriarch went to the United States of America yesterday, where he will visit Metropolitanate of Libertville-Chicago from February 16 until March 1, 2011. 

It has been planned that His Holiness Irinej, Serbian Patriarch, the administrator of Metropolitanate of Libertville-Chicago, after being welcomed at the airport and the doxicology in the Cathedral church of Ressurection of the Lord in Chicago he would visit Monastery of St. Sava, where on February 19, 2011 will serve the Holy Liturgy and the memorial service to Metropolitan Christofer of blessed repose.

Serbian Patriarch will attend on February 20, 2011 a celebration of the church Patron Saint's day of the church of St. Symeon the Myrrh-gushing in South Chicago, from which he will go to Monastery of Holy Mother of God in New Carlisle in Indiana.

The meeting of the Diocesan council of the Metropolitanate of Libertville-Chicago will be held on February 24, 2011, and the next day the Bishopric Council will have a session.

Patriarch Irinej will serve the Divine Liturgy on February 26 in Monastery of St. Sava, and the next day he will serve in the Holy Resurrection Church in Chicago. On Monday 28, 2011 His Holiness Irinej, Serbian Patriarch will meet with Orthodox bishops of Chicago in New Grachanica monastery.

The return of Patriarch Irinej is scheduled for March 1, 2011.