Patriarch Kirill calls for deterring attempts to diminish Soviet people's role in WWII

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia has urged WWII veterans to remind the world that they saved it from the Nazis.

"The heroic feat of our people is beyond comparison. We must declare it to the whole world. We saved our country, we also saved the whole world," he told the veterans after laying a wreath to the Pole of Glory and the Unknown Soldier's Tomb in Lugansk on Thursday.

"Sometimes we encounter indifference, forgetfulness and even vandalism upon the memory of the heroes. The truth about the war is accompanied with lies, and heroism is presented as an action, which allegedly led to something irreparably bad for the people. Such attempts must be deterred," he said.

"The veterans are told sometimes that they are liars," he added.

"Fortunately, no one places a hand on the veterans, although clashes with the war heroes happen in some places. But you must not keep silent. You must speak the truth about the war and the great feat of our people," he said.

"You must never stop fighting; start an offensive just like you did in the Great Patriotic War, speak the truth and teach the younger generation, because your word is the word of truth in the eyes of God and the people," the Patriarch said.

Source: Interfax