Patriarch Kirill celebrates 33 years of his service as bishop

Last Saturday, March 14, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill celebrated the 33rd anniversary of his elevation to the rank of bishop by his confessor Metropolitan Nikodim. To commemorate this event, Patriarch Kirill conducted the Divine Liturgy at the Moscow Church of the Life-Giving Trinity in Khoroshovo and upon its completion appealed to the clergy to selflessly serve God and people without concerns for health and career.

"You should never spare yourselves while serving God... You should never say: I won't do this or that to keep my health, because this is the time you definitely lose it," Patriarch Kirill said in his sermon after the service.

Patriarch reminded the audience that God is never indebted to us, and the more we give ourselves to God, the more He gives us in return.

"Above all, we need to remember that it is God Who guides us in everyday life, rather than our human intricacies or our life diplomacy. We should always stay open to God and be courageous in our service," Patriarch Kirill stated.

He also said that priests who are now staying at the lowest levels of hierarchy should never care about the steps they need to take to promote their careers.

"A soldier who thinks that he will show his talent after he is promoted general is not a good soldier, because it never happens that way," His Holiness said and reminded that the talent to serve the Church keeps developing at every stage of such service - from acolyte to Patriarch - and at any moment you should serve as if you are pursuing the main purpose of your life.

His Holiness mentioned that many times he had been blamed for being too audacious, in particular, shortly before the last Local Council, but he had chosen honesty and straightforwardness, which finally failed to prevent him from being elected Patriarch.

In closing, Patriarch Kirill asked the clergy and believers for their prayer support of his efforts as Patriarch.