The Patriarch of Romania inaugurated the social canteen of Cernica Monastery

On 14 March 2015, a new social canteen of the Archdiocese of Bucharest was inaugurated at Cernica Monastery, county of Ilfov. “Metropolitan Nifon” canteen was blessed by His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church assisted by a group of priests and deacons.

To end with the blessing service, the Patriarch of Romania showed that this work was the result of a good cooperation and collaboration: “This canteen was made mostly with donations, as well as with a 333,350 lei loan on behalf of the Eparchial Centre of the Archdiocese of Bucharest. Thus, this is a co-responsible work and this is the result. Good results are based on consulting and cooperation. It is an example of saving old dilapidated houses, of renewing, consolidating them and using their attic space for social-charitable and cultural activities. The leadership of the Social-Cultural Centre of “Saint Hierarch Calinic” organised all these meals and agapes, and accommodations too as a way of aid, so that the poor and hungry were blessed by God by the good care of the Church.

We also mention the fact that the amenities, electricity, water, and heating system were paid by Cernica Monastery. Thus, this is a nice cooperation between the monastery and the Social Cultural Centre of “Saint Hierarch Calinic”.

His Beatitude has also remembered the fact that many pilgrims were assisted by the Social Cultural Centre of “Saint Hierarch Calinic”: “We congratulate father Protosingelos Ioachim Ceausu for this special activity and mention the fact that only in 2014, 102 social-philanthropic projects were implemented here, in this part of Cernica Monastery, with 5126 persons assisted, besides the occasional aids granted. Thus, all this activity was implemented for a large number of beneficiaries, for groups of poor pilgrims who came to the monastery, disadvantaged persons, or poor children. The total amount spent for these social-philanthropic activities was 120,897 lei”.

Then, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel awarded “Sanctus Stephanus Magnus” Order to Rt Rev Protosingelos Ioachim Ceausu, coordinator inspector of the Social Cultural Centre of “Saint Hierarch Calinic from Cernica”; the Diploma of Honour of “Saint Andrew the Apostle – Protector of Romania” to theologian Sorin Mircea Popa; and two distinctions of worthiness to Mrs Laura Elena Bertea and to Mrs Angela Matei.

To end with, the Patriarch of Romania offered an icon of the Last Supper to the social canteen and several books to the library of the Social Cultural Centre of “Saint Hierarch Calinic from Cernica”.

“Nifon” House, where the social canteen was set up, benefited of restoration and rehabilitation works from 2003 – 2014 on the expense of the Social Cultural Centre of “Saint Hierarch Calinic from Cernica” and with the aid of the Archdiocese of Bucharest, and the blessing of His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel, and by the good care of Protosingelos Ioachim Ceausu.

The Metropolitan of Wallachia and Primate of Romania Nifon Rusaila (1789 – 1875), president of the Elective Assembly of Muntenia on 24 January 1859 – when the Union of the Romanian Principalities was achieved – often came to this house where he was accommodated and where he prayed.

Source: Romanian Patriarchate