The Patriarch Of Romania Preached on the Sunday after the Baptism of the Lord

On the Sunday after the Baptism of the Lord, 9 January 2011, the evangelical fragment on the beginning of the preaching of the Lord was read in the Orthodox churches. In the sermon delivered in the chapel of the "Saint Gregory the Enlightener" of the Patriarchal Residence, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel showed that the text read reveals three great truths: "The relationship between the Baptism of the Lord and the Gospel He starts to preach after He was baptised and tempted in the desert. The second great truth is the relationship between the Baptism of the Lord, repentance and the Kingdom of Heaven. The third great truth is the light of the Baptism of the Lord which becomes the light of our Christian life."

The Baptism of the Lord made possible for everyone of us to receive, through the Christian baptism, beside the forgiveness of the sins, the grace of adoption too. This is the grace of the resurrection of the soul from the death of sin and its raising to the union with God, also said the Primate of the Romanian Orthodox Church.

"Baptism is the beginning of the Christian life, not an isolated event in our life, but the foundation of the Christian life, it is a programme or a vote, a promise that must be accomplished all our life, the rejection of satan and union with Christ. In this sense, at the Baptism we are given the seeds of virtues, the gifts of the Holy Spirit as seeds planted in the human soul, in the man's being. These ones must be cultivated through effort, good deeds, good thoughts and words. Those who multiplied the gifts received at Baptism and made them fruitful reach the resemblance with the One Holy God", also said His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church.