Patriarch Theodore of Alexandria at Kananga of Congo

Yesterday, February 22, the Patriarch Theodore II of Alexandria and All Africa visited Kananga of Congo. The Patriarch arrived at the city accompanied by the Holy Archbishops Nikolaos of Amathundos, Meletius of Katanga, Nikiforos of Kinshasa, and Theodosius of Kananga.

He attended the doxology at Saint Andreas Cathedral, while Metropolitan Nikiforos of Kinshasa addressed the Patriarch, by recalling the beginning of the mission, citing all the missionaries who set out the foundations of the Orthodox Church at Kananga and all over Kasai.

Finally, the Metropolitan thanked the Patriarch for the founding of the new Metropolis of Kananga. The Patriarch expressed his own gladness for the newly established Metropolis of Kananga.

Moreover, he presented the new Metropolitan Theodosius of Kananga, who he is to enthrone on Saturday.

Today morning he visited the parish of Zoodohos Peghe Tshilumba and headed towards the Holy Temple to worship.