The Primate of Alexandria on the side of the Patriarch of Antioch

The support of Patriarch Theodore and the entire Patriarchate of Alexandria to the people of Lebanon and the Patriarch of Antioch was expressed by the Primate of Alexandria in a letter regarding the tragedy that occurred the day before yesterday in Beirut:

Your Beatitude Patriarch of the Great Theopolis of Antioch and all the East, very dear and beloved brother in Christ and my concelebrator, Mr. John, we overwhelmly address your beatitude fraternally.

We were painfully informed of the terrible and unexpected tragedy, which struck the nymph of the Middle East Beirut and at the same time the noble and afflicted people of Lebanon. Thus, with the deepest pain in our soul, we rush to join our prayers with Your Beatitude, so that the Lord of mercy, will oversee Your severely tested flock and instill a balm of consolation in the souls of our unfairly, bitterly tested Christian brothers and sisters and our rest fellow humans.     

Your Beatitude, the crew of the Church of St. Mark wth its clergy will be praying to the Lord day and night in favor of a speedy healing of the wounds of the people of the severely wounded Beirut.     

Dear brother in Christ of His Beatitude, Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa

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