Peace Conference by the Conference of European Churches

A three-day conference on Peace in Paris is being organized by the Conference of European Churches (CEC), on September 10-12. The conference is held in the context of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the CEC and the 100th anniversary of the Paris Peace Conference in 1919.

Metropolitan Emmanuel of France, in his capacity as President of the CEC of France, addressed his greeting in the opening of the Conference and made a presentation on the subject.

Among other things he said: “In diplomacy and politics, there is usually no room for humanity and solidarity. When that happens, there are reactions that often lead to disasters, racism, isolation and new wars. Love and charity must be the basic principles of our actions. Politics and sciences are developed to serve humanity, not to isolate people and lead them to extinction through violence, genocide, discrimination and war. ”

The President of the Conference of the European Churches, Christian Krieger, as well as the Vice-Presidents of the Parliaments of France and Germany, Mr Sylvain Waserman and Mrs Claudia Roth, also addressed the participants in the opening.