Petition written up against holding Eurovision Contest in Kiev’s St. Sophia’s

A petition to prohibit holding the opening ceremony of the singing contest “Eurovision 2017” on the territory of Kiev’s St. Sophia’s Cathedral national preserve has appeared on the Kiev City Council’s website, reports RIA-Novosti.

The St. Sophia’s preserve, under UNESCO protection, is being considered by the event’s organizers as the venue for the opening ceremony of “Eurovision 2017.”

“The decision to open ‘Eurovision 2017’ at St. Sophia’s could provoke indignation among the faithful even in spite of the fact that this area is now a preserve… I call for reversing the decision to hold the ‘Eurovision 2017’ opening ceremony on the territory of St. Sophia’s in Kiev and to choose the venue by voting with due regard for the opinion of the residents of Kiev and believers,” wrote the petition’s author Mikhail Kirilenko, an independent journalist, press photographer, and a public figure.

In his view, now is the time to adapt the principles of democracy to Ukrainian society by means of public hearings, referenda, or SMS voting.

“It’s highly important for improving meaningful dialogue and the mutual trust between society and the authorities. Allowing Kiev residents to decide where the ‘Eurovision 2017’ opening ceremony is to take place is an excellent beginning to a dialogue,” the petition’s author noted.

The petition will be considered provided 10,000 people affix their signatures to the document within eighty-seven days.