Synod to elect new Patriarch

The 45-member synod of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church will meet on Monday at the St. Ephraim Cathedral in Beirut to elect a new Patriarch of Antioch and the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church.

Catholicos Baselios Thomas I, head of the Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church in Kerala which forms part of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church, will lead the bishops in prayers and meditation before the election of the new Patriarch. The elaborate process for the election of the new Patriarch was set in motion after the former Patriarch Iganatius Zakka I I was laid to rest in Damascus with full State honours on Friday.The new Patriarch is likely to be elected on Monday by the synod of bishops, which includes five from the Jacobite Church in Kerala. The team of Malankara bishops comprise Synod Secretary Joseph Mar Gregorios; head of the Knanaya diocese Archbishop Kuriakose Severios; head of the Paurastya Samajam Marcos Chrysotmoas; Bishop of the American diocese Yeldhos Teetos and Geevarghese Athanasios.

Source: OCP Cognate Page