Pope Francis arrives in Rio de Janeiro

Pope Francis has left Rome for his 12 hour flight to Rio de Janeiro, where he will attend the 28th World Youth Day. The Holy Father carried his own bag onto the plane. Pope Francis will spend all but one day of his week-long journey in the Brazilian city hosting the event.

During his week-long visit, Francis will see the faces of Brazil's success and struggles, starting with a meeting Monday with President Dilma Rousseff and followed by a visit to one of Rio's sprawling favelas, or slums, on Thursday.

Pope Francis lands in Brazil for his first trip abroad as pontiff.

On Monday afternoon (local time) at the city airport he was welcomed by president of Brazil Dilma Rousseff. There were chaotic scenes as the car carrying Pope Francis from Rio de Janeiro's airport was mobbed by crowds.

Since recent protests, Pope's visit is under high security measures. More than 20000 law enforcement officers take care during his visit. Also Pope does not use his armored papamobile but open SUV.  

Later on Roman Catholic head had talks with president Rousseff at the Governor's Palace in Rio de Janeiro.

The peak of his visit will be final service on the World Youth Day, when  about four million people is expected to attend this event. Also Pope will spent with more than hundred of  the young people at the Copacabana beach in a sort of a solemn welcome. On Friday there will be a prayer on the way of the cross. The second significant event will be on Saturday - prayerful vigil at "Campus fidei" in Guaratiba. On Wednesday Pope will visit the Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida, which is the greatest Catholic pilgrim's site in Brazil.

The 28th World Youth Day begins on Tuesday afternoon (local time) with the holy service at the Copacabana beach. This year's convention has a topic entitled "Go and make all peoples my disciples".