Position of the Romanian Orthodox Church regarding the “civil partnership”

The Romanian Patriarchate observes with much concern the proceedings related to the potential formalisation of the so-called “civil partnership”, namely the draft law that is currently on the agenda of the Chamber of Deputies. We consider that to institutionalise an alternative type of family is contrary to the Christian faith and the tradition of the Romanian people, and can have serious consequences for the moral life in our families and society.

From a Christian but also constitutional point of view, family is formed exclusively by marriage between a man and a woman, excepting adoption and kinship of blood.  Civil partnership would only encourage cohabitation and make the two partners less accountable at the expense of the mother and the child. More specifically, only the family is the legal framework that optimally ensures “the upbringing, education and instruction of children” (article 48, paragraph 1, Constitution of Romania).

Even though natural and traditional family was confirmed morally and legally throughout human history, the attempts to redefine it seem to be part of an ideological agenda that discredits family values and its social benefits.

The Romanian Orthodox Church will continue to defend and promote the fundamental values of the traditional family that are benefic for the present and future of the Romanian society.

Press office of the Romanian Patriarchate

Source: http://basilica.ro