Protocol of Cooperation between the Romanian Patriarchate and the Ministry of Health

His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel and Minister Nicolae Banicioiu signed on Thursday, 03 September 2015, in the Patriarch Teoctist Hall of the Patriarchal Residence, a Protocol of cooperation between the Romanian Patriarchate and the Ministry of Health, concerning the Programme entitled “Good Health for Villages”.

The protocol was concluded in order to organise certain medical humanitarian actions for the disadvantaged persons from the rural environment, namely: aged persons, persons with low socioeconomic status, disabled persons, persons who cannot be transported, people who suffer from chronicle diseases, those with low educational level, and social cases.

Thus, the two institutions cooperate for facilitating the access to medical assistance for the persons mentioned above, living in rural environment and isolated localities. These activities will unfold with the help of volunteers and will focus on raising awareness and involvement in prevention actions and fighting the practices that affect good health.

The group of volunteers will consist of physicians, medical assistants, and auxiliary staff who attend the religious services at the Chapel of the new National Cathedral.

The “Good Health for Villages” Programme will operate for a few months, in its first stage, as a pilot project in the areas belonging from an administrative point of view to the Archdiocese of Bucharest, namely: Prahova and Ilfov counties, and Bucharest city, to be extended later on, to a national level, based on the results.

All human, financial, and logistic resources needed for executing the present project are provided by the group of volunteer physicians and they do not affect the budget of the Ministry of Health.

Press Office of the Romanian Patriarchate