The renovation of the Cathedral church in Zagreb has begun

Preparations are underway for the beginning of works on the building of the Church Community

On April 14, 2021, the first phase of works on the renovation of the Church of the Transfiguration in Zagreb began, which was severely damaged in last year's earthquake (March 22). Emergency rehabilitation is performed according to the project of prof. Josip Galic and the architectural bureau Radionica statike, while the works are performed by the company Texo Molior.

The works are being carried out in accordance with the protection measures prescribed by the Conservation Department in Zagreb, and after cracks were detected on the walls of the church. In parallel with the execution of the first phase of rehabilitation, the preparation of project documentation for the complete renovation is in progress.

Protection measures are also prescribed for the building of the Church Community at Ilica 7. A protective scaffolding has been set up towards Preobrazenska Street, and projects are being prepared for the renovation of that building, which includes the Church Community offices, as well as the Museum and diocesan offices.

Source: Metropolitanate of Zagreb and Ljubljana