Review of Following the Holy Fathers by Fr. Theodore Zisis

Following the Holy Fathers: Essays on the Timeless Guides of Authentic Christianity is a collection of essays written by Greek Patrologist Theodoros Zisis (translated by Rev Dr John Palmer), published by Newrome Press.

Brief description: This book represents a collection of valuable scholarship covering both a broad range of Patristic figures dating from apostolic times to the present day, as well as a wide variety of themes. Moreover, it paints a roughly representative picture of one of Greece’s most important modern Patristic scholars and effectively introduces him to the English-speaking world. Most importantly, though, this volume offers to show readers how an authentic Orthodox Patrologist relates to the lives, text, and teachings of the Holy Fathers.

This book is a selection of Patristic essays on a wide variety of topics. The essays are short, and thanks to an excellent translation by Father John Palmer, are concise, clear and a joy to read. I appreciated Fr John’s introductory biographical sketch of the author, Fr. Zisis, so that we get a sense of the magnitude of Fr. Zisis’s scholarship and dedication to the Orthodox Christian faith. Fr. Zisis, a Patristic giant in Greece, has much to offer Orthodox Christians in North America where various innovations (including ‘post Patristic theology’ which he discusses) and ecumenism with the Non Orthodox tempt and often confuse the faithful, many of whom are converts with little understanding of the Church Fathers.