A Russian missionary called the Gospels of Judas TV film antiscientific and anti-Christian

Ђакон Андреј Курајев, професор Духовне Академије из Москве Moscow, February 4, Interfax – Documentary the Gospels of Judas broadcast on Russian television is antiscientific and was produced by people who hate Christianity, professor of the Moscow Theological Academy deacon Andrey Kurayev believes. ‘The film is both antiscientific and anti-Christian. It is antiscientific primarily because the spectator does not get from it the essence of the Gnostic myth,’ Fr. Andrey said in his interview to Interfax-Religion.

According to him, the essence of the myth invented by Gnostics, who are also authors of the Gospels of Judas, is ‘radical and mythological anti-Semitism (fight against the whole Old Testament), denial of the Law (both religious Jewish law and cosmic law), extremely negative pessimistic evaluation of substance, its origin and its end, negative attitude to marriage and conception.’ ‘The evil creator has brought the world into being, that’s why it is necessary to escape from this cosmos. Hence the key phrase of the Gospels of Judas is ‘cosmos or hell’. But it wasn’t included in the film. And with it lacking, it’s impossible to understand why ‘so-called Jesus’ asks ‘so-called Judas’ to help him ‘get rid of his body’, Kurayev said. He noted that the film was shot in ‘a rollicking style of pseudo-historic reconstruction – as if in fact things went on like this and not like the popes told.’

‘Pretty penny was spent to shoot this film and it went on wheels to the air of the leading national TV channels of the world. How can we call people who have access to money and mass-media and hate Christianity to death, though they sometimes hide behind the words about ‘spirituality’,the interviewee of the agency said.

Source: www.interfax-religion.com