The Russian Orthodox Church to bring one of its relics to France

The Russian Orthodox Church intends to participate in festive events during the Year of Russia in France planned in 2010. "The Russian Orthodox Church will also participate in this campaign and bring one of its relics to France, so that Orthodox believers and members of other Christian confessions could pray before it," Alexy II told journalists after his meeting with the Cardinal Archbishop of Paris, Andre Vingt-Trois in St. Daniel Monastery of Moscow.

Thus, according to the Patriarch, the Russian Church has answered the invitation of the Archbishop of Paris.

Alexy II also noted that both Churches today have many common goals, in particular, keeping good morals and spiritual values, which require joint efforts and strengthening bilateral relations.

"Our historical experience, common both for the Russian Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church in France, may become a basis for our cooperation, all the more so, as the contacts between Russian Orthodox believers and Catholics in France have a long-term history," the Patriarch said.

In particular, he reminded that many immigrants left Russia for France after the revolution of 1917, and, according to the Patriarch, "by virtue of their commitment to the Russian church tradition, the Orthodoxy has influenced the French Catholic theology."

Alexy II also expressed his gratitude to the Cardinal for the opportunity granted to him last year to visit Notre-Dame Cathedral and give a bow to the great Christian relic - the Crown of Thorns of the Savior and hold an Orthodox prayer service before it.

Andre Vingt-Trois extended his thanks to the Patriarch for his cordial welcome and shared his impressions of the recent visit to the Holy Trinity St. Sergius Laura and the Solovetsky Monastery. According to the Cardinal, the visits convinced him in "a huge spiritual revival which the Russian Orthodox Church is experiencing today and which involves not only the revival of monastic and spiritual life, but also the revival of theology."

Source: Interfax religion