Russian stars sign petition to ban abortion

In the wake of Patriarch Kirill, several famous Russian citizens immediately expressed their desire to sign the petition to ban abortion, reports the foundation for support of families, motherhood, and childhood, “Women for Life.”

Among those who without delay have supported the ban were State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov, adventurer and priest Feodor Konyukhov, singer Gregory Leps, TV hosts Oksana Fedorova and Boris Korchevnikov, Olympic boxing champion Evgeny Tischenko, and UFC champion Alexei Oleynik, and others.

“How terrible to live in a time when human life is worth nothing,” commented actor Dmitry Pevtsov with a line from the musical “Optimistic Tragedy.”

In his view, the main problem lies in that people don’t understand when human life begins and at what moment interruption of this life becomes a crime.

The topic of abortion touches upon universal values and therefore should be addressed at the highest level, emphasized TV host Oksana Fedorova.

“I, as a mother, as a person, understanding that the main destiny for women is motherhood, of course stand against abortion,” stated Fedorova with certainty.

Many women who have committed abortions have appeared on Boris Korchevnikov’s “Live” TV program.

“I have seen how this act years later has crippled their lives. All of them—I have yet to meet an exception—have regretted it,” he said.

The TV host gave the example of the mother of many children and leader of the movement “Women for Life,” Natalia Moskvitina, who was thrice directed by doctors to have an abortion, but every time chose in favor of saving her children’s lives.

“Abortion mutilates the life of a woman, because this murder haunts her her entire life. I have seen the eyes of those who, out of cowardice and the persuasion of doctors or husbands, decided to do it, and afterwards they cannot forgive themselves,” said Korchevnikov.

To date, nearly 400,000 have signed the petition to completely ban abortion in Russia.

Such political and public figures as the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadryov, the Honored Artist of Russia Diana Gurtskaya, and singer and actress Victoria Makarskaya have expressed their support for the ban.