Saint Sava Celebration in Youngwood

The yearly Slava of St. Sava was celebrated for the 102nd time at Holy Ascension of Our Lord Serbian Orthodox Church on Sunday, February 2, 2014.

Honored Kumovi were George and Angela Dietz, the loving parents of two beautiful Orthodox Christian children, George and Elizabeth Deitz. On this special day, young George assisted Fr. Milan Medakovic by serving as an altar boy, and both children, along with their cousin Adam Kerber, delighted in the blessing and turning of the Slavski Kolac. 

After the enthusiastic singing of “Himna Svetom Savi,“ parishioners enjoyed a delicious buffet luncheon, sponsored by the Kolo Sestara Vavedenje Presvete Bogorodice, and St. Sava Day festivities in the church hall. 

In remarks after the luncheon, Father Milan emphasized that St. Sava was not only the first archbishop of the Serbian people but also the patron of Serbian culture and education system as well as the patron of all Serbian children.

Kuma Angela then sincerely explained, “I am appreciative of my faith, my Serbian way of life, and also of my family who instilled these things in me.” Afterward, she presented the St. Sava Icon and a piece of the slavski kolac to her sister, Melissa Walters, who will be the Kuma for next year’s St. Sava Day.    

Source: Eastern American Diocese