Serbian Jews Give Their Support to the Republic of Serbia and Serbian Kosovo and Metohija

"Respected citizens of the Republic of Serbia and the Republika Srpska (Bosnia and Hercegovina) residing in the State of Israel, friends of the Serbian people and followers of the order of international law, we invite you to attend a Rally in support of the Republic of Serbia and the Serbian as well as other non-Albanian population in the autonomous province Kosovo and Metohija, in view of the unilateral proclamation of Kosovo’s independence.’’

This is part of the announcement made by Arman Bivas and Aleksandar Nikolic in which they call for a rally of support to be held on March 1st, at 8 o’clock p.m. on the Tel Aviv Museum Sq., with the participation of Prof. Raffael Israeli from the Truman Institute at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Police authorities have approved the rally and media coverage has been assured.