Serbian Orthodox Cemetery of Lipljan (Kosovo) desecrated for the seventh time

For the seventh time, graves in the Serbian Orthodox Cemetery of Lipljan (Kosovo) were desecrated. The desecration took place in the night from Friday to Saturday, when there is no video surveillance.

“The police and forensic doctors came from Priština, but we have no hope to find the culprits, as so far, we have never found the aggressors of the Serbs and of their property,” said the Serbian representative to the local security council.<--break->

Not far from the cemetery, behind a high iron fence, is located the garden courtyard of the church of the Entrance of the Mother of God to the Temple, built in the 14th century. There is also another more recent church, dedicated to local Saints Florus and Laurus. This is the only place where the Lipljan Serbs gather. So far, both churches were in a protected area, in which all construction was prohibited, which will change very soon. According to the inhabitants, there will be the risk that the Albanians offer significant sums to the Serbs to leave, so that no Serbs remain in this city. They are currently 800, whereas they were 6,000 before 1999.