Serbian Orthodox Church: Church calls for end to Kosovo monastery quarrel

The Serbian Orthodox Church on Tuesday called for a quarrel between two of its senior officials in Kosovo and Metochia to cease, saying unity was vital at a moment when Serbs there were going through difficult times.

A Synod of all archbishops convened in Belgrade after Bishop Artemije dismissed vicar Bishop Teodosije, the head of the Kosovo and Metochia's monastery Visoki Decani last week.

The monastery's monks violently resisted Teodosije's dismissal, turfing Artemije's secretary, Simeon out of the monastery without injuries.

After a four-hour meeting, the Synod statement is: "The key decisions on this and other urgent matters will by taken by the highest Church body, the Holy Assembly of the Bishops in a foreseeable period of time."

It pleaded for the Kosovo and Metochia quarrel to stop in the meantime.