Serbian Patriarch Irinej appeals for ending the terror over the Church and the people in Montenegro

Appeal of Serbian Patriarch Irinej for ending the terror
over the Church and the people in Montenegro

His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej calls on the Montenegrin state authorities, especially members of the Ministry of the Interior, to immediately end the brutal terror over the Serbian Orthodox Church, its clergy and its faithful people. Inhuman beatings of the Vicar Bishop Metodije of Dioclea, priests, and Serbian Orthodox believers, simply because they are Serbs and Orthodox believers, represent unprecedented acts in Europe since the fall of fascism and the end of Bolshevik terror.

Likewise, the Serbian Patriarch demands that members of Parliament, political representatives of the Serbian Orthodox people in Montenegro be released immediately and inevitably, as well as all the others arrested yesterday and today for defending their shrines from state terror and usurpation.

Patriarch Irinej prays to the Lord to bring to reason the people who lead Montenegro to stop violence and theft of church property, and gives full support to archbishops, clergy, monks and believers of the Serbian Orthodox Church to fight at every place and in every occasion and not to give up on defending the Serbian Orthodox Church.

From the Office of the Patriarch of Serbia

Belgrade, December 27th, 2019