Serbian Patriarch Irinej visits Republic of Srpska


Many Orthodox believers, priests and monks of the Diocese of Dabrobosna solemnly welcomed Serbian Patriarch Irinej at the Dobrun Monastery.  


Lots of Orthodox believers from Visegrad and nearby suburbs, monks and priests of the Diocese of Dabrobosna on Wednesday evening welcomed Serbian Patriarch Irinej. The festive welcome was enhanced also by young folklorists from the Serbian Sokol  society "SOKO" from Dobrun, and Patriarch Irinej had been welcomed before on the  border crossing Vardiste by Metropolitan Nikolaj of Dabrobosna and mayor of Visegrad Tomislav Popovic..  

They then came to the monastery and then went to an old monastery church of the Assumption of the Holy Theotokos, built in 1340.

The doxology was serve by archimandrite Jovan Gardovic and protodeacon Mitan Tanasic.  

Following the tour of the monastery current museum displays at the Karageorge's Residence, Metropolitan Nikolaj informed Patriarch Irinej on various activities on building and reconstruction of the monastery complex, reminding that there was much work to do so as to see it shine in full glory. 


S. Heleta, Dabar - Dobrun 

Source: Metropolitanate of Dabrobosna