The Serbian Patriarch received Ministry of Rural Welfare and the President of the SASA Committee for the Village

His Holiness Porfirije, the Serbian Patriarch, received Minister of Rural Welfare Mr. Milan Krkobabic and President of the Academic Committee for the Village, SASA academician Dragan Skoric, at the Patriarchate Palace in Belgrade on 21 July 2021.

During the meeting with Minister Krkobabic and academician Skoric, the Primate of the Serbian Orthodox Church pointed out that he was happy because the state of Serbia recognized the importance of caring for the village and initiated mechanisms for systemically solving problems that hinder or prevent the survival of people in villages. According to Patriarch Porfirije, who as the abbot of the Kovilj monastery gained decades of experience in managing the monastery's agricultural farm, there are many open questions regarding the survival of the village, to which adequate answers must be found with the participation of all relevant factors. The Patriarch emphasized that the Serbian Orthodox Church will help according to all available possibilities.

After the meeting with the Patriarch, Minister Krkobabic stated: "Today's visit to Patriarch Porfirije is a continuation of a successful cooperation between the National Team for the Revival of Villages of Serbia and the Serbian Orthodox Church." We have put in the foreground the close cooperation of the state of Serbia, led by the institution of the President of the Republic, the administration of the Serbian Orthodox Church and the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. It is this trinity that guarantees that the concept of village revival can be realized. "

The audience was attended by Secretary of the Ministry Mrs. Snezana Petrovic and the head of the Office of the Serbian Patriarch Aleksandar Prascevic.