Metropolitanate of Montenegro-Coastland supports hospitals to combat pandemics

A financial support has been donated for technical equipment necessary for functioning of health care institutions, so that Montenegro can better deal with the situation caused by the present pandemics.

More precisely, funds were paid for seven monitors and syringe pumps for the hospitals in Cetinje and Niksic respectively, and the other ones for the Clinical Center in Podgorica.

Serbian Patriarch celebrated Liturgy in Vavedenje Monastery, Belgrade

His Holiness Patriarch Serbian Irinej officiated Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great at the Convent of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Belgrade, on the Fifth Sunday of Lent, April 5, 2020, offering his prayers for the salvation of all.

In accordance with the new state of emergency caused by the pandemic of the corona virus, His Holiness the Patriarch was concelebrated only by a priest and without presence of the  faithful, observing the message that in our homes, which are “churches at home” (Philem 2), we should intensify our prayers to the Lord.

Bishop Milutin of Valjevo, Serbia, reposed in the Lord

With great sorrow, and faith in resurrection to the Kingdom of Heaven, the Diocese of Valjevo publically announces that last evening, March 30th, 2020, their spiritual father, His Grace Bishop Milutin of Valjevo, reposed at the Dr Dragisa Misovic Hospital in Belgrade, following a short period of hospitalization brought on by the coronavirus.

May our Lord grant him the Kingdom of Heaven and eternal repose!

Biography of Bishop Milutin of Valjevo of blessed repose

Serbian Orthodox Bishop Milutin of Valjevo died after a short period of hospitalization due to the coronavirus at a Belgrade hospital on the 30th March of 2020.

Bishop Milutin (baptismal name Mihailo Knezevic) was born near Valjevo in 1949, and was baptized in the renowned monastery of Pustinja. Having finished Elementary school, Mihailo joined the monastery of Kaona when he was only 14, and later on was tonsured as monk by the late Bishop of Sabac-Valjevo Jovan (Velimirovic) in the monastery of Petkovica on the 26 October 1963, and got the monastic name of Milutin, according to a medieval Serbian King, one of the greatest founders of monasteries in Serbia. On the next day he was ordained as hierodeacon, and some time later as hieromonk at Osecina, near Valjevo.

Diocese of Backa donated two million to aid fight against corona virus

President of the Government of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina Igor Mirovic said on April 3, 2020 that 30 million dinars had been received so far into an account that was opened a few days before with the aim of financially assisting health workers in Vojvodina. The largest amount was paid in by Telecom Serbia (five million), and among the donors were DDOR (three million), as well as the Diocese of Backa of the Serbian Orthodox Church, which donated two million dinars, reported Serbian newspapers “Novosti”.