SOYA in Sydney

Last weekend, a group of young Serbs from Melbourne arrived in Sydney. They were there as representatives of SOYA (Serbian Orthodox Youth Association), and were travelling in order to promote Boris Malagurski's documentary film 'Kosovo: Can You Imagine?'. An account of the screening itself will be available for perusal in the next issue of the Srpski Glas, whilst we will use this opportunity to tell you a little bit about some of the unofficial reasons for our visit to Sydney.

Bishop Artemije accepts the decisions of the Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church

I am willing to accept the decisions of the Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church, although I do not agree with them, said Bishop Artemije in his first public address since his dismissal from the administration of the diocese. Bishop Artemije called for unity in the Church.

Bishop Artemije said in Gračanica that he accepts the decisions of the Synod of the SOC, although he does not agree with them, in the expectation that the Assembly of the SOC will adopt the most suitable solution with respect to his dismissal and possible abuses in the operation of the Diocese of Raška and Prizren.

2010 Diocesan annual assembly to be held this weekend

This year's Diocesan Annual Assembly will be hosted by the St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Parma, Ohio. The Assembly will begin on Friday, February 26, 2010 beginning at 6pm with registration.

The following day the Holy Hierarchical Divine Liturgy will begin at 8:00am. All reports will distributed to clergy and delegates at the meeting in Cleveland.

Source: The Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Eastern America